What Are The Benefits of Ethanol Fuel? Bio-ethanol fuel is an eco-friendly alternative to wood burning, electric or gas fireplaces. Bio ethanol offers a modern look with a real flame. Comprised primarily of sugar cane, corn, beets, and potatoes this fuel is made of renewable resources and costs under $1/hour to burn. Using ethanol fuel in your Bio Flame allows you to place your fireplace anywhere in your home or yard with no venting, flue, chimney, or electrical outlets. The unique fuel burns clean and vibrant and allows you to experience a real flame. Bio-ethanol fuel is gaining increased awareness throughout the world due to high oil prices and concern over reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Because it is such a clean energy source many governments worldwide are now issuing tax credits to promote such clean burning appliances. This clean burning fuel burns with a thermal efficiency of up to 97%. If you’re still holding onto your current fireplace, think about this. Traditional fireplaces emit harsh toxins into the air that can be hazardous to your health and to your home. Gas fireplaces, aside from being terribly expensive to install are also very limited to where they can be placed throughout your home. And electric fireplaces, well they lack the appeal of a real flame, are hard on the eyes and barely emit any heat at all. To learn more about the bio ethanol fuel used in Bio Flame fireplaces, click here.