Modern Ethanol Ventless Free Standing Fireplaces Collection

Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace Collection

Our Freestanding Collection gives you the ultimate in design flexibility!

Without the need for electricity, chimney or framing, you have the ability to move these models from room to room, relocate to your deck for the Summer months, or even take them with you if you move.


Key Features


You have the flexibility to move our free standing models from room to room, outdoors during a party and even take them with you if you move.


Dozens of design options to match any room/environment in your home, condo, restaurant, hotel or office. Enjoy the comfort of a Bio Flame fireplace just about anywhere!

Easy Installation:

Whether it is an indoor or outdoor application, Bio Flame fireplaces and burners are completely self-contained which makes them very quick and easy to install.

Fully Insulated:

Bio Flame fireplaces and burners all come with a patented heat isolation chamber to ensure safety in your home.

No Connections Required:

No permanent or expensive connections. No chimneys, gas lines, venting, electricity or flues required.

5 Year Warranty:

We stand behind our products and that is why we offer an industry leading 5 year warranty on all of our models.


Our fireplaces and ethanol burners are made entirely out of 304 grade stainless steel, that will keep your fireplace looking great for years to come. This grade of stainless steel will minimize the tarnishing from the heat and is always corrosion resistant for use outdoors.


Bio Flame is the only ethanol fireplace company to become UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and ULC (Underwriter Laboratories of Canada) Certified. Our products have gone through rigorous testing and evaluations by a third party to ensure they meet and exceed UL’s globally recognized Standards for Safety. Bio Flame product also meet and exceed the European EN16647 standard, as well as the Australian Safety Mandate.


Understanding the importance of size variation and requirements, we are able to customize virtually any size of firebox, in multiple finish options. Please contact us to learn more.


Free Standing Ethanol Fireplaces

Our freestanding collection gives you the ultimate design flexibility! Without the need for electricity, chimney, or framing, you have the ability to move these ventless fireplace models from room to room, relocate it to your deck for the summer months, or even take them with you if you move. [bg_collapse view="link-inline" color="#0a0a0a" expand_text="Read More" collapse_text="Read Less" ]With the beautiful, modern design of The Bio Flame freestanding ethanol fireplaces, you can add a luxurious touch to any room or outdoor space. Our ethanol fireplaces are safe and easy to install and operate, maintenance-free, and eco-friendly.Learn more about why The Bio Flame free-standing fireplace collection has become a top choice among homeowners, builders, and designers for projects all over the world.

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces vs. The Rest

Bioethanol fireplaces are the height of fireplace innovation. For modern and older homes alike, an ethanol fireplace fits seamlessly into any design and livens up any room. All freestanding ethanol fireplaces are ventless and don’t need any expensive changes to your building such as a chimney, electric lines, or gas lines. You might be wondering how bioethanol fireplaces stack up compared to other types of fireplaces? Read on to compare the benefits of ethanol fireplaces with electric, natural gas, and wood-burning fireplaces.

Electric Fireplaces

A functional option, electric fireplaces are economical and easy to use but compromise on the aesthetic appeal of the fireplace.


Essentially a heating element, these fireplaces use electricity to heat cold air. The drawback with an electric fireplace is that they don’t produce real flames, but come with a ‘flame effect’ instead. They are very easy to operate with a flick of a switch (or remote control) and produces a moderate amount of heat.


Electric fireplaces are generally inexpensive and don’t require venting. However, these fireplaces do need to be installed close to an outlet.


A very low-maintenance option.


Since there is no actual flame and relatively low heat, an electric fireplace is quite safe.


An electric fireplace is all about function. Since there is no real flame, it does not provide the same ambiance as other types of fireplaces.

Natural Gas Fireplaces

A modern spin on the traditional fireplace. It gives off a lot of heat and is easier to use than a wood-burning fireplace, but it can be expensive to install and less convenient than ethanol and electric fireplaces.


Fuelled by natural gas, these fireplaces are a cost-effective heat source. Natural gas fireplaces come in both vented and ventless models and the cost and difficulty of installation vary. They generally produce more heat than an ethanol fireplace but can be an overwhelming heat source in a smaller space. With vented models, some of the heat escapes the venting or flue, which reduces energy efficiency. Natural gas fireplaces are easy to use and typically ignited by pressing a button.


A gas fireplace is expensive to install since it typically needs to be connected to both gas lines and venting. A natural gas fireplace should be professionally installed.


Natural gas fireplaces need professional servicing at least once per year to ensure the fireplace and gas logs are working properly.


To ensure safe use, a natural gas fireplace should be installed and serviced every year by a professional. An HVAC professional can check for any leaks and make sure there are no other issues with the fireplace. Because this fireplace has a high heat output (BTU), the user needs to monitor oxygen levels in their room – especially in smaller spaces.


Aesthetically pleasing and burns with a constant, real flame.

Wood-Burning Fireplaces

A timeless option with a high coziness factor. The idea of a wood-burning fireplace might be more appealing than the reality, though, as they’re high maintenance, expensive, and can be difficult to operate.


Fuelled by wooden logs that need to be either chopped or bought, stored, and hauled into your home. Because burning wood produces smoke, the fireplace needs a chimney or flue to get rid of the smoke. Some of the heat escapes out of the chimney in the process, which reduces the energy efficiency of a traditional fireplace.


A traditional fireplace is relatively expensive to buy and install. It also needs a chimney and professional installation, which adds to the total bill.


Needs the highest amount of maintenance of all fireplace types: cleaning soot and ash, chimney sweeping, and hauling and chopping logs. Lighting the fire itself can also be a difficult technique to master. Once the fire is going, it needs constant attention in the form of stoking and adding logs.


Without proper maintenance and supervision, wood-burning fireplaces can be a serious fire hazard. You’ll need to keep a close eye on your fire to make sure it is under control. Also, you will need to monitor the air quality in your home, as issues with your fireplace can spike carbon monoxide levels, toxins and smoke in the air, and deplete oxygen in the room. Installing carbon monoxide detectors and maybe an oxygen detector can help you keep an eye on air quality and safety.


The ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace is second to none. Beautiful, real crackling flame, and that fireplace smell.

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Combining the benefits from all other types of fireplaces, bio ethanol fireplaces are budget-friendly, easy to use and maintain, eco-friendly, and provides a cozy ambiance.


Fuelled by bio ethanol fuel that is smokeless, odorless, and creates no ash or soot. Bio ethanol fireplaces are a safe, convenient, and sustainable alternative to other fireplace types.


All models of ethanol fireplaces are ventless and don’t need any expensive changes to your building such as a chimney, electric lines, or gas lines. They are easily installed without professional assistance or servicing.


Incredibly low maintenance fireplace that only needs occasional dusting.


Very safe to use in all spaces. Bio ethanol fireplaces produce a pleasant amount of heat and are designed to be installed anywhere in the home. They don’t produce any toxic fumes or impact air quality.


Bio ethanol fireplaces produce a captivating, dancing, real flame. The fireplaces have a sleek, modern design that can be customized to fit virtually any space.

The Bio Flame Free Standing Ethanol Fireplaces

A work of art and an innovative piece of technology. The Bio Flame has been a leader in ethanol fireplace technology since 2007. The superior performance of our fireplaces coupled with their luxurious and modern look make them a good fit for any space. That’s why our fireplaces have become the top choice among homeowners, builders, and designers all over the world. We’re proud of the high-quality design and performance of our products. That’s why we offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty on all our ethanol fireplaces. Compared to our other models of ethanol fireplaces, our free-standing line provides the same outstanding quality and ambiance while offering unbeatable design flexibility.

Free Standing Fireplace Product Highlights


The main benefit of free-standing fireplaces compared to our other fireplace models is portability. These lightweight ethanol fireplaces offer flexibility that you can’t find anywhere else. You can place a free-standing fireplace anywhere in the home, including on any flat surface such as a tabletop. With a free-standing ethanol fireplace, you can move your fireplace around the house as you please – and even move it outdoors! With no permanent connections or installations, this is truly an anywhere fireplace with no strings attached!

Superior Safety

The Bio Flame fireplaces and burners all come with our patented heat chamber technology to guarantee a safe fire in your home. Our products have gone through careful third-party testing and certification, so you can enjoy your fire with peace of mind. In fact, the Bio Flame is the only ethanol fireplace manufacturer that has been UL-C/UL certified, a safety certification that ensures your home insurance will cover any damage from a fireplace incident.

Sustainable Flame

Our ethanol burners run exclusively on biofuel. This fuel type is a renewable energy source made from plants. Biofuel burns cleanly and does not release toxins, smoke, or odors into the air. With a bio ethanol fireplace you can breathe better and focus on enjoying your fire.

Effective Heat

The burn technology of our ethanol fireplaces has been carefully engineered to provide the highest fuel efficiency. While the specific burn time and BTU output depend on the model, you’ll get an average 4 hour fire per 1 litre of fuel.

Flexible Design

Free standing ethanol fireplaces come in a large number of sizes, dimensions, and finishes. Our team will work tirelessly with you to ensure the fireplace meets your needs and design vision.

Easy Outdoor Use

Because our Free Standing Fireplaces are made from 304 grade, industrial stainless steel, it doesn’t rust and keeps looking great. It is a sustainable, easy, and odorless alternative to fire pits and torches in your backyard or on your deck. A free-standing fireplace is easy to move indoors and outdoors as the seasons change.

When to Choose a Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace

At The Bio Flame, our team will work with you to make sure your fireplace matches your design needs. We offer a wide selection of ethanol fireplaces for any home or commercial space, and each collection has its unique benefits. No matter which ethanol fireplace collection you choose from, you’ll get the same industry-leading quality and safety features. All our ethanol fireplace models are backed by a 5-year warranty and have undergone rigorous safety testing. To help guide your decision on which model best suits your needs, here are the key benefits of some of The Bio Flame ethanol fireplace collections.

Firebox Collection

Our Firebox Collection and Grate Kit Collection are perfect options for converting an existing or traditional fireplace into an ethanol fireplace. Fireboxes are self-contained, easy to install, and seamlessly integrate into existing design features in your home. If you’re looking for an ethanol fireplace insert, we have a model that meets your needs.

Wall Mounted Ethanol Fireplaces

If you’re looking to save space in your home, our wall mounted ethanol fireplace collection is the perfect option. These ethanol fireplaces can quickly and easily be mounted on the wall of any room in a home, office, or commercial space. A wall-mounted fireplace is a good fit for smaller spaces or where you want to integrate your fireplace as part of your wall design.

Free Standing Ethanol Fireplaces

The ultimate fireplace flexibility. Freestanding ethanol fireplaces can be placed anywhere inside a home or outdoors. As no connections are needed, you can move these lightweight fireplaces from room to room, move them outside for the season, or make them a centrepiece for a patio party. Best of all, you can even bring your fireplace with you if you move. A free-standing ethanol fireplace from The Bio Flame is a long-term investment that brings comfort and ambiance to your home. These are just a few highlights from our extensive collection, so be sure to check out our other options. No matter your needs and design of your space, we have an ethanol fireplace that’s right for you.

Free Standing Ethanol Fireplace – Beauty and Flexibility

Whether you’re looking for a cozy fireplace in your living room to snuggle up next to, a captivating centrepiece in your hotel lobby or office, or a unique design feature anywhere in your home, a free-standing ethanol fireplace is your model of choice! A free-standing ethanol fireplace is a beautiful piece of home decor and becomes the focal point of any space. Adding a luxurious touch and a comforting feel to your space has never been easier and safer. The Bio Flame ethanol fireplaces are the modern solution to a timeless desire. [/bg_collapse]

Frequently Asked Questions

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