Considering an upgrade to your home decor? An ethanol fireplace may be a great addition to your living space. Whether you’re more interested in a wall mount or freestanding option, our fireplaces can be customized to your liking and provide a multitude of benefits. benefits-ethanol-fireplaces-blog Providing warmth and beauty are two of the more traditional perks - but there’s more. From the easy initial installation to a simple refill process, an ethanol fireplace eliminates much of the hassle homeowners may have previously experienced. Read on to learn about 5 benefits of owning an ethanol fireplace. First, our online ordering system makes it super convenient for you to find the product you love and have it shipped directly to your door. As an added bonus, we even offer free shipping worldwide. Once your product arrives, installation is super convenient. The process is ventless meaning it can be installed almost anywhere within minutes. Simply install, fill with ethanol fuel and watch brilliant, dancing flames come to life in your home. The fuel used in the Bio Flame fireplace is made from all-natural resources. In fact, the fuel is so environmentally-friendly, it’s created through a fermentation process of sugars that come from sugar cane, corn, beets and potatoes. This is a much friendlier option for our planet since it eliminates the need for trees to be cut down. We couldn’t think of anything sweeter. You also won’t have to worry about air pollution with an ethanol fireplace. Our Bio Flame fireplaces burn clean, so you never have to worry about ash, soot, or smoke. This also means cleaning your Bio Flame fireplace is an easy task. The fireplace can be refilled within minutes. You’ll never have to worry about spills or trying to collect wood for your fireplace again. From the initial setup to providing heat in your home for years to come, a Bio Flame ethanol fireplace comes with many benefits. Learn about which fireplace is right for you and your home and click here to start chatting with one of our knowledgeable team members today.   About The Bio Flame Since 2007 The Bio Flame has been creating unique, eco-friendly, ethanol fireplaces. Bio Flame designers and engineers have continued to set the highest standards of bio ethanol burning fireplaces in the industry with custom designs and record breaking innovations. The Bio Flame has gained great popularity amongst homebuilders, hotels/resorts and designers. Like what we’ve got to say? Come follow us on Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube | Instagram | Pinterest

As of December 31, 2021, all bio ethanol fireplaces are no longer UL certified due to UL's decision to cease certification for LRBA/LRBA7 appliances. The Bio Flame fireplaces hold CE certification, meeting international safety standards and Bio Flame is actively pursuing additional certifications, reinforcing our commitment to safety.

June 21, 2018