Modern living room with bio ethanol fireplace under tv. Is your living room dying for an upgrade? Maybe a new unique addition? If so, we know what you’re missing! An innovative bioethanol fireplace. Bioethanol fireplaces fit perfectly under your mantel and even better underneath your television or in any living space.  In this article, we will look into multiple living room design ideas that will provide you with the warmth of a traditional fireplace without the smoke. But first, we need to tell you some key safety information for your television installation.

Can You Install an Ethanol Fireplace With a TV Above?

You can install an ethanol fireplace above a television! All you need is a 12” clearance from the top of your fireplace to the bottom of your television. Since heat rises, this eliminates the risk of your television overheating and ultimately decreasing its life. 

How to Install a TV Above an Ethanol Fireplace

Once your ethanol fireplace has been installed, it’s time to install your television. Don’t forget the most important step; you must measure at least 12” to ensure no damage can be caused to your tv. Here is a step-by-step process on how you can properly mount your television above your fireplace:
  1. Lay your new television flat on a soft surface with the screen facing down
  2. Place your mounting brackets on your television
  3. While your screen is face down, measure from the bottom of the screen to the hook of the arms to discover the wall bracket. Write this number down, because you won’t need it until you decide on the placement of your television
  4. Next, find the correct placement of your television--make sure it’s the recommended safe distance from your fireplace
  5. Once you have found your spot, measure your wall, and find the correct placement for your bracket
  6. Now that you have your placement, you can install your bracket and hang your television on the wall 
Installing a television above an ethanol fireplace is an easy option to help you bring your living room to life. If you have a brick wall or a wall that doesn’t have direct studs to drill into, check out this quick video from Fix That Build That.

Ideas for Your TV & Ethanol Fireplace Combo

If you’re looking for a perfect addition to your living space, look no further than a smokeless, all-natural, warm fireplace. Create a welcoming living space with a bioethanol fireplace.  Dancing flames, easy installation, sustainability, soot and smoke-free are just some of the benefits of these stunning fireplaces. Discover an array of living room ideas that will make your house shine!

A Dream Designer Look

Dream designer living room. If your television is mounted on your modern wall unit, add that extra jazz in your space with a warm and cozy fireplace. This contemporary space will make you want to kick your feet up on your sofa with a warm drink and enjoy your comfortable home. The warmth of your new closed-top fireplace will add the missing element that you need. Don’t worry about the strength of the fireplace; it will evenly heat your room and will not overheat. Embrace your inner designer with this classic look. 

The Perfect Comfort Oasis

The perfect comfort oasis living room. Elevate your living spaces with a fireplace that doesn’t require a chimney or vent! The comfortable amount of heat that an ethanol fireplace emits will make your tv watching experience much more enjoyable. Not only will your fireplace make your space comfortable, but it will also provide a statement piece that your guests or visitors will love. Once you’ve successfully completed the installation, sit back and relax to the gorgeous dancing flames in your new oasis. 

A Traditional Fireplace Effect

The traditional fireplace effect. Wood-burning fireplaces are loud, they smell very potent and can be a safety hazard in your home. This may not be the best solution to your house and may cause unnecessary amounts of stress and effort. Fireplaces are supposed to be a place where you can cozy up, watch tv, and relax after a long day. This is why you should invest in a sustainable and all-natural alternative, a bioethanol fireplace. With the perfect amount of heat exposure, this smokeless and soot-less alternative will make you curl up on your couch and watch the latest movie on your flat screen tv in your traditional room. 

A Modern Outdoor Living Space

The modern outdoor living space. This outdoor living design will spice up your space and provide you with a perfect spot to hang out with friends and family all year long. Without a vent or duct, this luxurious outdoor fireplace is energy efficient and all-natural. Perfectly placed under your flatscreen tv, this fireplace is the best addition to your outdoor living space. 

A Double Recess Design

The double recess design. The perfect addition to your open floor plan living areas. Appreciate the subtle heat from the high-quality fireplace that will be the centrepiece of your home. Double recess designs were made for bioethanol fireplaces with a tv above! As you watch your flat screen tv, embrace the heat while appreciating the elegant overall look of your living room. 

Bio Flame Has the Perfect Ethanol Burners for Your Dream Living Room

Are you ready to amp up your home with an all-natural fire?  Bio Flame has a variety of bioethanol fireplaces that can help you bring elegance and practicality to your home. From our ethanol firebox collection to our luxurious wall-mounted fireplaces, Bio Flame can assist you with any of your dream living room designs.  At Bio Flame, we understand how important it is to create a comfortable, stylish, and functional living space. That’s why we offer bioethanol fireplaces that come in an array of sizes so that you can find the perfect fireplace just for you. Contact us, or shop our products today!

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December 07, 2021