Cozy up on the couch with our SMART fireplace. Have you ever sat down on your couch after a long day only to realize you forgot to turn on your fireplace? “Alexa, turn on the fireplace!” Say hello to your new electric fireplace or wood-burning fireplace replacement! The smart fireplace is the safest and most advanced fireplace in the world. This innovative, state-of-the-art heater allows you to stay cozy throughout the entire year while experiencing the highest level of convenience. Sit back, relax, and turn on the stunning dancing flames with the simple push of a button or even a voice command.  Not only is this fireplace convenient to use, but it is also a safe option for you and your family, all while providing an incredibly modern look in your home. Interior designers and architects find smart fireplaces a great way to bring your living space to life while creating the perfect ambiance for your space.  In this article, we’re sharing more information about the advanced technologies and features of smart fireplaces and why a smart fireplace is the perfect addition for your living space. 

What is a Smart Fireplace?

Ditch the wall switch, and convert it to a smart switch! Smart Fireplaces are luxurious real-flame fires for your living area that can be controlled via remote control or virtual assistant. Download an app, tell your Google Home or Amazon Alexa to turn on your Smart fireplace or use the convenient remote control to get your fire started. 

Why a Smart Fireplace is the Best New Addition to Your Home

Bio Flame’s smart burner collection Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive features of smart fireplaces:

1. Compatible with Virtual Assistants 

Turning on your smart fireplace is as easy as saying, “Hey Google!”.  These technologically advanced fireplaces can be easily controlled with your favourite virtual assistant — Google Home or Amazon Alexa! Unlike traditional fireplaces, your voice can control the flame and heat level. If you are looking for a supplemental heat setting or a cozy ambiance without heat, just ask Alexa or Google to adjust your flame settings. Experience complete convenience with a smart fireplace that does all the work for you! 

2. Integration with Advanced Home Automation Systems 

Do you already have an advanced home automation system? Crestron, KinX, Control4 and Lutron are just a few of the home automation systems that are compatible with smart fireplaces. Not only can these systems control your lights, audio, video, and intercoms, but they can also control your smart fireplace! Integrate your fireplace with your home automation system and adjust the flames to your favourite height and temperature. Stay relaxed on your couch, and let your advanced automation systems take your home technology to the next level. 

3. Controllable with a Smartphone App

Connect your iPhone or Android to a wifi network, and download a smart fireplace app! With all the same features available through the Google Assistant or Alexa technology, let your smartphone have full control of your advanced burner. At Bio Flame, our SMART app is easy to download and install and automatically allows you to monitor, extinguish and refuel your fireplace at your convenience. 

4. Technological Safety Advances

Smart  fireplaces have the highest level of technological safety advances. Smart burners include sleep timers, emergency extinguishing systems, overheating warning sensors, shake sensors, CO2 sensors, child locks, external heat sensors, and more! Traditional fireplaces can quickly get out of control and become very hazardous in your home, which is why a Smart fireplace is the safest fireplace product on the market. 

5. Simple Installation

Your family doesn’t need to be installation professionals to install your new smart burner! Install your Smart fireplace basically anywhere in your home as they don’t require fuel, chimneys, venting, outlets or gas lines. Once the burner is turned on, you can monitor, extinguish or refuel your fireplace with no additional electrical equipment. It’s that easy! 

Embrace the “Smart” Revolution with The Bio Flame’s SMART Burner Collection

Download the app or use voice assistance for this automated fireplace Add comfort and convenience to your life with The Bio Flame’s SMART burner collection The advanced features of our SMART burner collection allow you to have year-round enjoyment, convenience and safety. Use your voice or phone and have complete control over your new modern fireplace. The Bio Flame’s SMART burners are far more advanced than any regular SMART fireplace on the market. In fact, we manufacture the ONLY smart bioethanol burners in the world! Unlike our competitors, our burners don’t create any mess, smoke or odours in homes and are 20-30% more fuel-efficient than competing models.  Enjoy a new Bio Flame SMART burner that perfectly blends technology with beauty. Check out our fullSMART burner collection today!

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August 26, 2021