CALGARY, Alberta - Sept. 25, 2018 - Bio Flame is one of the leading manufacturers of bioethanol fireplace. With over 11 years of experience, the award winning Bio Flame fireplace products stand out because of their high quality, high operating efficiencies, high reliability and low maintenance. We serve all industry segments including architects, designers, builders, developers and end users. Over the past 11 years, Bio Flame has worked with many multinational customers in these markets. In order to further our Global presence and continue growth in these market segments, Bio Flame has opened a new European headquarters in Germany (Bio Flame GmbH) and we would like to continue to develop our business partnerships in Europe and the Middle East. We are actively looking for distributors, wholesalers and retailers in the below mentioned areas, who are both willing and capable of developing International growth together with Bio Flame. Ideal candidates will be experienced in the fireplace segment in our respective markets, and have an existing base of contacts to work with. If you are interested learning more about this unique opportunity, please contact us at to request more information about this offer. Distributors are wanted for the following territories: Africa, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bangladesch, Belgien, Bosnien-Herzegowina, Bulgarien, Deutschland, Estland, Finnland, Frankreich, Georgien, Griechenland, Großbritannien / Nordirland, Irak, Iran, Irland, Island, Italien,Jemen, Jordanien, Kasachstan, Kroatien, Lettland, Liechtenstein, Litauen, Luxemburg, Malta, Montenegro, Niederlande, Pakistan, Philippinen, Polen, Portugal, Österreich, Rumänien, Schweiz, Serbien, Singapur, Slowakische Republik, Slowenien, Spanien, Sri Lanka, Syrien, Tschechische Republik, Türkei, Ukraine, Ungarn, Usbekistan, Weißrussland Zypern   About The Bio Flame The Bio Flame, located in Calgary, Canada, was started in 2007. The company offers a wide variety of bio-ethanol fireplaces and burners, including custom product design. The fireplaces and burners are environmentally friendly, have a real flame, and add design, warmth and beauty to any office, patio, or home.  The Bio Flame has gained great popularity amongst home builders, architects, hotels/resorts and designers, and is now available in over 60 countries worldwide!  
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September 25, 2018