Backyard Ethanol Fireplace An outdoor ethanol fireplace is a perfect addition to your backyard. Not only are ethanol fireplaces warm, eco-friendly, and safe, they provide you with a real authentic flame! Family nights around the fireplace just got even better with all the perks associated with ethanol fireplaces. In this article, we have compiled a list of the most common questions asked about ethanol fireplaces so you can make the decision about whether an outdoor ethanol fireplace is right for you. 

Are Outdoor Bioethanol Fires Warm?

Just like any other fireplace, outdoor ethanol fires produce an ample amount of heat with authentic flames! There are certain factors that determine the heat intensity of your bioethanol fireplaces, such as the size of your ethanol burner and the purity of your ethanol fuel type - nonetheless, bioethanol fireplaces produce real flames and are supplemental sources of heat.

Are Outdoor Ethanol Fireplaces Environmentally-Friendly?

Outdoor ethanol fireplaces are the epitome of environmentally friendly! They use bioethanol fuel made from 100% renewable plant-based sources such as sugar cane, corn, beets and potatoes. They are entirely clean-burning and do not release harmful substances or toxic waste into the air.

Are Ethanol Fireplaces Economical?

Ethanol fireplaces are as economical as it gets! Unlike traditional wood-burning, electric, or natural gas fireplaces - ethanol fireplaces do not consume electricity, require ventilation, and have minimal upkeep and maintenance. Ethanol fireplaces are extremely cost-effective and only require you to refill on bioethanol fuel to keep them running! 

Are Ethanol Fireplaces Safe?

Ethanol fireplaces are the safest option among all other fireplace alternatives. They emit the least amount of carbon monoxide (a natural byproduct of fire) and do not produce any other hazardous gases or smoke! They also do not require chimneys, gas lines, or electricity - respectively eliminating any hazards associated with them.

Do Bioethanol Fires Smell?

Say your goodbyes to all smells and odours associated with traditional fireplaces! Bioethanol is a completely clean-burning fuel and does not produce any smoke, fumes, soot, or odours - allowing for the best possible air quality. The only scent you may notice is a pleasant aroma when you are extinguishing the fire. 

Do Bioethanol Fires Need Ventilation?

Outdoor Ventless Fireplace Bioethanol fireplaces do not require any ventilation. Because bio ethanol fireplaces do not produce any toxic fumes or waste, you do not need a chimney or flue for ventilation. You may need to occasionally open the windows to let in fresh air, as ethanol fires do consume some oxygen.

How Long Does Ethanol Last in a Fireplace?

Ethanol fireplaces burn for an average of four hours. Once the fireplace runs out of fuel, in order to ignite another fire, you first need to wait for the fireplace to cool down before you can safely pour more bioethanol fuel into the burner.

Can You Put a TV Above an Ethanol Fireplace?

You can most definitely place a TV above an ethanol fireplace if the fireplace is closed off at the top and sits at a reasonably safe distance from it. Alternatively, if your ethanol fireplace has an exposed top, it is recommended you place the TV elsewhere.

How Do I Fill My Ethanol Fireplace?

Fireplace Fuel To safely fill your fireplace with bioethanol fuel, you must ensure the stainless steel burner is not hot and that any previous flames have been extinguished. Once you have confirmed it is safe to do so, you can pour your bioethanol fuel directly into the burner.

Do Bioethanol Fires Need Electricity?

One of the many perks associated with bioethanol fires is that they don’t require any electricity, plug-ins, outlets, or expensive connections! Bioethanol fireplaces can be placed essentially anywhere and operate solely off of bioethanol fuel. And last but not least, bioethanol fires require no hefty electricity bills!

Are Ethanol Fireplaces Worth It?

Yes! Ethanol fireplaces allow you to enjoy all the benefits and joys of huddling around an authentic flame, without any of the worries associated with traditional fireplaces. Not only are ethanol fireplaces hassle-free, but they are also extremely cost-efficient and environmentally friendly. They pose little to no risks associated with traditional fireplaces, are trendy, and have minimal upkeep. 

Where Can I Purchase an Outdoor Ethanol Fireplace?

Bio Flame Tabletop Fireplace Add comfort and warmth to any small or large outdoor space with Bio Flame. Globally recognized, Bio Flame products are available in more than 50 countries and we carry a wide range of outdoor ethanol fireplaces for you to choose from! Whether you are looking for tabletop fireplaces, wall mounts, or a freestanding fireplace - we have all types of sizes, designs, and customization options to tailor your fireplace to your specific needs!  All of Bio Flame’s outdoor ethanol fireplaces and burners are fully self-contained, making them super easy to install. Since Bio Flame ethanol fireplaces require no connections or ventilation, you can essentially place them wherever you want. All of Bio Flames products undergo rigorous testing and come with a 5-year warranty for your ultimate safety and peace of mind.

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August 17, 2021