You are probably familiar with the outdoor pollution problem that the world has, as well as what it can do to our health. Outdoor air pollutants can lead to health problems and make it harder for us to breathe fresh clean air. But did you realize that indoor air pollution is also a problem that can lead to health problems? It’s true!

Indoor air quality can be impacted by several factors, with one of them being a fireplace that is not eco-friendly. Traditional fireplaces can add to your indoor air pollutants, including releasing smoke, ash, and odors. All of this can help to create an indoor air quality that is diminished. That doesn’t mean you have to give up having a fireplace, however, it just means you may want to consider a healthier, cleaner burning option, such as a bio-ethanol fireplace, which uses a few derived from renewable energies, such as corn, potatoes, beets, sugar canes, etc. The bio-ethanol fuel burns clean, yet there is no compromise on warmth. Our ethanol fireplaces are stylish fireplaces that provide the heat and ambiance you desire, but leave behind all the air pollutants. Bio Flame fireplaces are environmentally friendly, because the bio fuel doesn’t put all the pollutants into the air, nor do they require cutting down our oxygen-giving and air filtering trees. There are many benefits on using an eco-friendly fireplace; They never have any smoke, ash, soot, and they don’t create any type of mess. Bio-ethanol fireplaces are safer, odorless, and they are green, because they burn using a more environmentally friendly process. The fireplaces are also easy to use and versatile, making any room in the home look great. The Bio Flame is a popular eco-friendly fireplace that uses bio-ethanol fuel. Their ethanol fireplace is available around the world in major cities, across Canada, and in the United States from Los Angeles to Miami. Many people choose it for the eco-friendly option, while many others appreciate it for how it helps us have a better indoor air quality.
May 16, 2023