There’s something to be said about having a fireplace nearby when entertaining guests or throwing a party. They can create the type of atmosphere and ambience that you just can’t get without one. They bring warmth, style, and comfort that combined makes a great addition to any home or outdoor living space. But not all fireplaces are ideal for entertaining, so choosing the right one is going to be a high priority if you plan to have guests! If you will be entertaining guests, whether for small dinner gatherings or larger parties, you want to make sure you put some thought into the type of fireplace that you have in your entertainment space. Many people are replacing traditional fireplaces today with eco-friendly ones, to eliminate the pollution and smoke that may send your guests running for the door. Here are some tips for choosing the right fireplace for entertaining:
  • If you are entertaining you will want a fireplace that doesn’t require you to keep adding wood to keep the fire going. Tending to a fire can be time-consuming, expensive, and take you away from your guests. By choosing an ethanol fireplace you will be able to let it continue to burn beautifully as you tend to your guests.
  • Determine the best location for your fireplace to ensure it will be visible to your guests, and in a spot they can gather around if they would like to. People are naturally drawn to fireplaces and may want to navigate to it as they are chatting.
  • By opting for a newer, modern design, such as Bio Flames stylish eco-friendly ethanol fireplaces, you will be adding a conversation piece to your party or dinner. There is no doubt that you will get compliments and questions about your eco-friendly fireplace.
  • If you don’t see a pre-made fireplace that meets your needs, consider having one custom made. That way you will get everything you want and need, without having to compromise.
  • Choose an eco-friendly fireplace that is going to work when you are entertaining, and also when you are not. You will spend more time not entertaining, so you want to be sure that it’s functional for everyday living too.
two People arround Fireplace entertaining Two People at Rivas Residence Custom Firebox 48 Having an eco-friendly ethanol fireplace in the room or on the patio while entertaining is a great way to help set the mood. They are a lot fun, but they are also functional. Choose one that will meet your needs and make a statement. Bio Flame offers top-of-the-line eco-friendly fireplaces that are helping to entertain guests in cities around the world, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Paris.     About The Bio Flame Since 2007 The Bio Flame has been creating unique, eco-friendly, ethanol fireplaces. Bio Flame designers and engineers have continued to set the highest standards of bio ethanol burning fireplaces in the industry with custom designs and record breaking innovations. The Bio Flame has gained great popularity amongst homebuilders, hotels/resorts and designers. Like what we’ve got to say? Come follow us on Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube | Instagram | Pinterest
October 09, 2015