Fireplaces are the perfect focal point for any living space. Bring a new level of warmth and classic elegance to your interiors and make your house feel like a home with the addition of a stunning ethanol fireplace. In this article, we’re sharing photos from recent Bio Flame projects to help you get inspiration for your next modern home design project. 

Why Ethanol Fireplaces are the Perfect Addition to Your Home

Having a clean space and surroundings is integral to maintaining the beauty of your home. Bio Flame ethanol fireplaces are the perfect way to elevate the beauty of your living spaces and reduce maintenance and mess associated with conventional wood-burning fireplaces. Bio-ethanol burners have minimal smoke emissions, zero odour, and don’t produce any ash or soot to keep your air and home mess-free. Ethanol fireplaces provide all of the ambiance, with none of the upkeep. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the beauty of the flames. 

Modern Fireplace Design Ideas for Your Home

We have gathered all of the latest fireplace trends to give you all the inspiration you need to elevate your space. No matter what aesthetic you are aiming for, we have compiled a variety of modern fireplaces ideas for you to choose from. 

Stunning Black Statement Fireplace

Black statement fireplace

What's more dramatic than the intense contrast of a warm flame against dark tile?  A black fireplace not only adds a touch of class to just about any space, but it also makes a bold statement! Black fireplaces can complete any large space, or even add coziness to smaller spaces. And the best part is —  black fireplaces basically never go out of style due to their versatility and classic design. Whether it’s tile, a statement wall, marble, painted wood, or a natural stone fireplace, black is simply timeless.

Brick Fireplace Centrepiece

Brick fireplace centrepiece

Signature brick fireplaces are the staple of warmth in any room. Meant for days where you want to snuggle up next to the fire and enjoy a good read or stay warm on a gloomy day, classic ol’ brick is the way to go. Whether you prefer the beloved vintage brick or more of an industrial loft vibe, a brick fireplace is a true classic.

The Perfect Complement to High Ceilings

High ceiling fireplace

Who doesn’t love the appeal and style of a gorgeous high ceiling and its indefinite reach? The perfect addition to such a space is nonetheless an epic fireplace installation, making any space feel comfortable and complete while adding tons of character. 

Modern Living Room Accent Piece

Modern accent fireplace

Accent walls take things up a notch and add style to any living space. What better way to add an accent wall to your space than with a stunning accent fireplace? If you’re looking to create depth and a statement focal point, an accent fireplace will do it with a bang. This design idea makes the fireplace the centrepiece of your space, inviting all your guests to huddle around and enjoy the gorgeous dancing flames.

A Touch of Farmhouse Comfort 

Farmhouse fireplace

A trip down memory lane. The traditional style of brick with the contemporary wooden barn doors is the perfect mix of old meets new! A trademark of supreme warmth and comfort, the barn doors effortlessly add a rustic touch to the surrounding brick and graciously add character to your home. The warmth and familiarity of this look will make you feel nostalgic. Cold evenings, a warm blanket and some hot cocoa are the perfect recipe for a great night cozied up next to this fireplace! 

Gorgeous Marble Fireplace

Marble fireplace

The most stunning fireplaces begin and end with marble. Marble has been the staple of pure elegance and luxury, from the 17th century Age of Enlightenment up until this very day. A marble fireplace design has the flexibility to work with any style of home, and is truly timeless, adding sophistication and quality to any space. 

Modern Living Room with a Touch of Cozy Ambience

Cozy ambience fireplace

A linear fireplace is a perfect way to add character and homeliness to an empty space. They add a pleasant, friendly touch in spaces with modern interior designs and simply make your place look like and feel like home. The warmth of the fireplace creates a delightful ambience, creating a relaxed and calm environment for you and your guests to unwind. 

Minimalist, Contemporary Fireplace

Contemporary fireplace

This minimalist fireplace offers a whisper of modern simplicity while quietly making its existence known. Cozy yet trendy, this contemporary fireplace against the white walls will make any piece of furniture or artwork pop, and have all your guests intrigued. Watching the flames flicker while enjoying a nice cup of coffee, will make you never want to leave! 

Stunning Mosaic Tile Fireplace

Stunning mosaic fireplace

This glamorous mosaic tile backsplash against the beautiful spark will have you falling in love over and over again with its striking contrast. Mosaic tiles are highly intricate and offer a wide range of possibilities. Whether you are aiming for subtle intensity or a punch of colour, the infinite colours and designs of mosaic tiles will have your space oozing with character.

How The Bio Flame Can Help You Create the Perfect Modern Fireplace 

Bio Flame has a wide range of ethanol fireplaces to assist you in creating your dream modern fireplace design. Ranging from our ethanol firebox collection to our stylish wall mounts, Bio Flame offers the flexibility to work with virtually any design concept or idea. 

At Bio Flame we understand the importance of tailoring to your specific design needs and size requirements. We offer a multitude of size variations and customizations with a range of finish options, helping you effortlessly make your dream fireplace vision a reality.

August 05, 2021