The decision to go smokeless is a decision to improve the quality of your life and home. We’ve all been there. You gather around your wood-burning fireplace, ready to enjoy the warmth of the stunning flame but instead, you're stuck dealing with pesky smoke! In this article, we will discuss all of the major perks of a smokeless fireplace and give you our narrowed down list of the top 5 benefits to going smokeless!

What is a Smokeless Fireplace?

An innovative new way to heat your home without losing the authenticity of real fire! Smokeless fireplaces are the answer to all your conventional fireplace needs, without sacrificing design sensibilities and ambience. Smokeless fires offer a safe, easy, and environmentally friendly experience with clean-burning resources. Smokeless fireplaces consist of all-natural, all-renewable materials that are just as beautiful but offer none of the inconveniences associated with wood-burning fireplaces. Real flames with renewable resources, just minus the irritating smoke and messy ash! Smokeless fireplaces are similar to electric fireplaces in that they are both ventless and low maintenance for your convenience. Electric fireplaces produce hot air but lack real flames. In comparison, smokeless fireplaces boast real flames and less ecological damage.

Why Should You Invest in a Smokeless Fireplace?

Once you go smokeless, you’ll never go back!

  1. No More Pesky Smoke

What's worse? The dreadful anticipation of smoke hitting your eyes or your clothes reeking of that pungent campfire smell? Well, say your goodbyes to all of that because bio-ethanol fuel fireplaces and burners are completely smoke and odour-free. Maintaining fresh air has never been easier than with a smokeless fireplace. With ethanol burners, you can enjoy snuggling up next to the fireplace minus all the smoky nuisances associated with traditional fireplaces.

  2. Avoid Negative Health Effects of Wood Smoke

The composition of smoke entails many harmful chemicals and toxins which ultimately result in adverse health effects on the human body. When wood burns, it releases carbon, dust, and other harmful particles such as benzene and formaldehyde These toxins are harmful if inhaled and result in negative health effects and illnesses such as asthma and other cardiovascular diseases. Ethanol fuel is clean burning and doesn’t emit pollutants into the air in your home or business. Harmful chemicals, soot, smoke, and ashes are a thing of the past with smokeless fireplaces. Bio Flame smokeless fireplaces are completely pollutant and toxin-free, providing your home with a safe flame.

  3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Do your part in going clean! Traditional fires release carbon dioxide gas which is one of the single largest sources of global greenhouse gas emissions and a major contributor to global warming! Bio-ethanol fuel emits very minimal amounts of carbon dioxide - the equivalent amount of burning a couple tealights in your living room! Smokeless fireplaces present the lowest carbon dioxide emissions in comparison to their natural gas and wood-burning counterparts. A smaller carbon footprint means that you can enjoy your fireplace guilt-free!

  4. Experience Simple Installation & Cleanup

Beginning with the easy installation process, and ending with an incredibly straightforward clean-up procedure, Bio Flame smokeless fireplaces are safe and simple to use. With our smokeless fireplaces, set-up and clean-up are the epitome of effortlessness and ease. Our easy installation process will have you enjoying your new fireplace in minutes. Other types of fireplaces require extensive maintenance and cleanup - but Bio Flame ethanol burners have been designed with ease in mind. Bio-ethanol does not produce ash, smoke, or soot when burned, therefore your only cleaning requirements are a damp cloth to wipe down the surface!

  5. Choose From a Range of Styles

Bio Flame has a wide range of collections for different design spaces and needs. All products are customizable in sizing and high-quality finishes. Bio Flame also offers quality stainless steel grate kits that will blend seamlessly into existing wall fixtures. Bio Flame values simple functions and beautiful designs bound to compliment all aesthetic sensibilities.

Choose Your New Fireplace Conversion

How The Bio Flame Can Help You Choose the Best Smokeless Fireplace for Your Lifestyle

Ditching the smoke has never been easier than it is with Bio Flame. Our fireplaces and burners are fully customizable to your space and design needs. Bio Flame fireplaces are completely self-contained, offer very few design limitations, and can be installed in any room of the house. We have a broad range of products and our stock models are available in sizes from 13” to 96”, perfect for condos, apartments or large homes. Custom orders are offered in up to 180”! Indoor and outdoor versatility and installation are especially convenient - no chimneys, gas lines, venting, electricity, or flues required! Say goodbye to poor air quality and wood smoke odour when you switch to an ethanol burner from Bio Flame! Since 2007, Bio Flame has been providing homeowners with a high degree of design flexibility and the perfect place to roast their marshmallows. Contact Bio Flame today to learn more about why a smokeless fireplace might be right for you!
August 06, 2021