As the temperature outside drops, there are few things that beat the coziness of warming up next to a fire. If you’ve been thinking about investing in an eco-friendly fireplace, our line of Bio Flame fireplaces is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Read on for four reasons why an ethanol fireplace could be the perfect addition to your home this year. A modern fireplace burner in a bathroom.


Our ethanol fireplaces can be set up anywhere in your home or in your outdoor living space as they do not require the use of vents or flues. The installation process takes a matter of mere minutes and the fireplace can be removed and reinstalled with ease should you wish to redecorate or relocate. The portability of our free standing models means you have endless options when it comes to design possibilities. Similarly, with our wall-mounted fireplaces, we have seen an increase in the popularity of placing fireplaces in areas that typically did not have them before, including kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms. It’s easy to see why interior designers, interior decorators, and architects are all choosing to opt for bioethanol fireplaces these days. Once set up, bioethanol fireplaces are easy to maintain and use. Simply fill the ethanol burner with bio ethanol fuel and light the fire with a long lighter or match. Within minutes, you will be able to enjoy your fire. Once you’re ready to put out your fire, extinguish the flames using a lid or adjuster rod. If you own a burner from our SMART burner collection, you’ll be able to use your smartphone, tablet app, or remote control to control the fireplace.


When considering other products, we encourage you to ensure they meet similar safety standards, such as CE certification. Our dedication to safety also extends to the ongoing process of obtaining OTL (Outdoor Torch Lighting) certification, reinforcing our commitment to providing the safest and highest-quality ethanol fireplaces.


Ethanol fireplaces are an efficient heating source with zero heat loss. While some fireplaces see up to 70% of heat escaping through the chimney, our ethanol fireplaces eliminate that problem as they do not require a chimney. Our ethanol fireplaces are also more efficient than other traditional heating sources such as wood burning, electric, and gas fireplaces, while operating at a fraction of the price. With an ethanol fireplace, 100% of the heat generated stays in the room and there is absolutely no heat lost, boosting its efficiency and making it a desirable answer for heating your home and business.


Our Bio Flame ethanol fuel is environmentally friendly and made through a fermentation process of all-natural sugars from crops including sugar cane, corn, beets, and potatoes. The natural resources from the ethanol fuel work together to exude both heat and beauty without any recurring monthly charges. Additionally, the flames created are much more realistic when compared to a gas or electric fireplace and there is no air pollution created from the fuel, ensuring the air in your home remains clean for you and your family.  

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January 21, 2021