Free-Standing Ethanol Fireplace Collection

Add a luxurious touch to your outdoor and indoor commercial or living space with a gorgeous free-standing ethanol fireplace.

Free-Standing Fireplaces are the Modern Solution to a Timeless Desire

Enhance the look and feel of your commercial or living space with Bio Flame’s environmentally-friendly ethanol free-standing fireplace. These bio ethanol fireplaces are stunning home decor pieces that quickly become the centerpiece of your hotel, commercial space, or living room.

Two white bottles of Bio Flame ethanol fuel. The label on both bottles reads, “Use only for indoor or outdoor for ethanol fireplaces. The BioFlame ethanol fuel. Danger. Flammable Keep out of reach of children. Fuel/Clean burning/ Non-Toxic, 1.06 Quarts - 1 Liter. Made in the USA”

Benefits of Bio Flame Ethanol Fuel

Environmentally Friendly

Bioethanol fuel is made from renewable, all-natural resources, eliminating the need to cut down valuable trees that take much longer to regenerate.

Better Breathing

With Bio Flame ethanol fuel, you can feel comfortable knowing that no harmful toxins or chemicals are being released into your space.

Cleaner Source

Cleaning a Bio Flame, whether free-standing or wall-mounted, is a breeze as the fuel creates a clean heat source, so you don't need to worry about cleaning ash or soot.

Super Simple

Bio ethanol fuel used in a Bio Flame fireplace is easy to use. Simply refill it and never worry about spills or trekking out in the cold weather for another log again

Choose From Our Free-Standing Fireplaces

Without needing a chimney, framing, or electricity, you can easily move the following free-standing fireplace models from room to room, take them with you if you move, or relocate them to your backyard in the warmer summer months.

Looking for a flexible fireplace that requires no installation? When you purchase a freestanding fireplace, all you need to do is place it in its desired location and enjoy. Feel confident relocating your freestanding ethanol fireplace to your deck for parties, or take it with you when you move!

See What Our Clients Say About the Free-Standing Collection

“Was recommended to use Bio Flame in our reno by our contractor and quite impressed with the flame look and heat produced. Saved thousands by using bio flame over gas!”

— Ben Strubuski

“Amazing technology, yet so simple! We are very pleased with our Bio Flame ethanol fireplace. We prefer it over natural gas for overall looks and over a wood-burning fireplace for the lack of maintenance and cleaning. Go get one of your own!”

— Wade Hystrell

“When I was unable to run a gas line to my master bedroom, I had given up hope of having a fireplace. One of my friends told me about Bio Flame. I called them, and the Bio Flame solved my problem. The ethanol fireplace was installed within that week! Awesome service and products. Thanks!!”

— Kristine Freeman

Modern Features of Our Free-Standing Bio Ethanol Fireplaces

Whether you’re looking for a cozy fireplace in your living room, a captivating focal point in your hotel lobby or office, or a unique design feature in your home, a free-standing ethanol fireplace is a wonderful choice. The following are additional benefits of our free-standing fireplaces.

Superior Safety

Our burners and fireplaces come equipped with our patented heat chamber technology to guarantee a safe fire in your home or commercial area. Bio Flame products undergo comprehensive third-party testing and certification to give you peace of mind.

Sustainable Flames

Bio Flame burners run exclusively on biofuel, an eco-friendly and renewable energy solution made from plants. Biofuel burns cleanly, meaning it doesn’t release any toxins, odors, or smoke into the air. When you purchase a free-standing fireplace, you can breathe better and focus on enjoying your fire.

Unique Design Options

Our free-standing fireplaces are available in a variety of sizes, finishes, and dimensions, with dozens of design options to match any environment/room in your office, home, hotel, restaurant, or condo. You can enjoy an ethanol fireplace's modern look and feel wherever you’d like!

Effective Heat Source

Our fireplaces have been carefully engineered with advanced burn technology that provides the highest fuel efficiency. With all of our fireplaces, you can experience an average of four hours of flames per 1 liter of fuel. The specific BTU output and burn time depends on the model you purchase.

Easy Outdoor Use

Since our free-standing fireplaces are designed with 304-grade industrial stainless steel, they do not rust and always look brand-new. These modern fireplaces are an odorless, sustainable, and simple alternative to fire pits and torches on your deck or in your backyard. Additionally, free-standing fireplaces are portable and easy to move indoors or outdoors as the seasons change.


One of the most significant advantages of our free-standing fireplaces is its portability capabilities. Unlike traditional fireplaces, these lightweight ethanol fireplaces offer flexibility as you can place them anywhere in your home or office space, including on a flat surface, such as a tabletop.

Embrace True Luxury With a Free-Standing Ethanol Fireplace

Our unique collection of free-standing ethanol fireplaces provides a luxurious ambiance while offering unbeatable design capabilities. Enhance the look and feel of your commercial or living space by purchasing a Bio Flame free-standing fireplace product today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use an ethanol fireplace outdoors?

Yes, you can use our ethanol fireplaces in virtually any indoor and outdoor space. Our free-standing collection offers the added flexibility to move your ventless fireplace from outdoor to indoor spaces as the seasons change, making it an excellent, environmentally-friendly option compared to other outdoor fireplaces such as fire pits or tiki torches.

Can I move my free-standing ethanol fireplace?

Absolutely! Our free-standing fireplaces are portable, lightweight, and don’t require any permanent connections or ventilation. This portability allows you to confidently move your fireplace to your patio for the summer, your living room in the winter, or take it with you if you move.

How do I maintain an ethanol fireplace?

Our ventless fireplaces require next to no maintenance. All of our fireplaces are made with high-quality industrial-grade stainless steel that only needs an occasional wipe-down to remove dust.

Do you offer any other bioethanol fireplaces?
Do ethanol fireplaces heat a room?

Yes, our fireplaces can comfortably heat your commercial or living space. The heat output of our free-standing fireplaces is between 3.5Kw/h and 7.9Kw/h, with an average burn time of four hours.

Can you put a TV above a bioethanol fireplace?

Yes! If you wish to install your fireplace below your TV, we recommend using a ventless fireplace from our wall-mounted collection collection.

Are ventless ethanol fireplaces safe?

Absolutely! Every Bio Flame fireplace burner is safe as they don’t produce smoke, soot, or odors.