Ethanol Fire Bowl Collection

An ethanol fire bowl is a stunning addition to any indoor or outdoor space. At Bio Flame, we have the ethanol burners and grate kits you need to create a gorgeous, portable, and safe ethanol fire bowl that will illuminate and warm any space you put it in.

Choose From Our Selection Of Ethanol Burners & Grate Kits for Your Perfect Ethanol Fire Bowl

The following ethanol fireplace products are ideal for creating a contemporary indoor or outdoor fire bowl.

An ethanol fire bowl is a stunning addition to any indoor or outdoor space. At Bio Flame, we have the ethanol burners and grate kits you need to create a gorgeous, portable, and safe ethanol fire bowl that will illuminate and warm any space you put it in.

Bio Flame’s Ethanol Burners Are Ideal For Creating a Safe Bio-Ethanol Fire Bowl

With their enticing flame, ethanol fire bowls are the perfect way to
create a social gathering point in your home or commercial space. At Bio
Flame, we have a selection of ethanol fireplace products that can be
used to create safe and stunning ethanol fire bowls for your space.
Unlike other ethanol fire bowls that can pose safety risks as they are
prone to toppling over, our burners and grate kits eliminate the safety
risk so you can enjoy your fire bowl worry-free. Enjoy the dancing
flames of your portable fire furniture as a cozy and warm fireplace
indoors or a bright and eye-catching fire pit in your outdoor space.

See What Our Clients Say About the Fire Bowl Collection

“Terrific concept and surprisingly efficient. Great staff answered all of my questions and installation was very simple.”

— Marty Fitz

“Terrific product and flame. Much better than electric units that I was looking at and 1/3 the price of a gas fireplace!”

— David Olufsky

“Highly recommend to anyone looking for a fireplace. Great flame, easy to use and even easier to install!”

— Atkins Haynie

The Impressive Features of Our Ethanol Fireplace Products

From their high-end safety features to their eco-friendly fuel, our ethanol fireplace products have all the features you need.

CE Certified and Third-Party Highest Standard Testing

Unlike traditional tabletop fireplaces, our burners are CE certified, signifying compliance with international safety standards. They have undergone rigorous third-party highest standard testing to ensure they not only meet but exceed the highest industry standards for reliability and security. These tests include inspecting safety codes and health aspects to mitigate danger, risk, or injury.

Portable Fireplaces

With Bio Flame ethanol burners and grate kits, you can simply relocate your fire bowl wherever you want to enjoy it. Enjoy a cozy night around your outdoor fire pit or a night in with family and friends, enjoying the dancing flames in your living room.

Eco-Friendly Bio-Ethanol Fuel

Bio-ethanol fuel is a clean-burning renewable fuel made from plants such as beets, corn,
and potatoes. The only residual emissions when burning bio-ethanol are
carbon dioxide and water steam.

Excellent Source of Heat

Bio Flame fireplaces are engineered to be heat efficient and radiate the
heat into your room. As there is no venting, 100% of the heat generated
will stay in your room. Our burners also generate sufficient heat for
outdoor use.

No Connections Required

Our ethanol burners and grate kits require no permanent connections, making them easy to install and completely portable. Ethanol fires don’t emit any smoke and don’t require a connection to electricity or a gas line, chimney, or flue. Simply unpack the burner, follow the simple and fast installation guide, fill it with fuel, and you’re ready to go!

Low Maintenance

Since bio-ethanol fireplaces produce no smoke, soot, or ash, they require little to no maintenance. The only upkeep you’ll need to do is dust and refill the burner with fuel periodically.

Enhance The Cozy Ambience In Your Space With an Ethanol Fire Pit or Bowl

Our ethanol fire pits and bowls bring people together and perfectly complement a range of design preferences. Purchase a burner or grate kit today to make the perfect ethanol fire bowl for your space.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can you create an ethanol fire bowl with a Bio Flame burner or grate kit?

Bio-ethanol fire bowls yield a clean-burning flame without releasing smoke, soot, or ash for a relaxing vibe. As you look to set up your fire bowl, you will need your bowl to have an insert/section where the burner will reside inside. When preparing the insert, please make sure that the burner is placed on top of materials that can heat up since the bottom of the burner will warm up. By simply pouring ethanol into the burner container, you can see a real flame in no time on your fire bowl!

Are ethanol fireplaces toxic?

Bio-ethanol fuel is non-toxic and does not release any harmful emissions. The only emissions are carbon dioxide and water steam.

Do ethanol fireplaces need to be vented?

No ethanol fireplaces do not need to be vented so there’s no need to install costly ventilation systems!

Are bioethanol fires good for outdoors?

Yes! Bioethanol fireplaces can be used indoors or outdoors and produce a warm, bright, and smokeless flame.

How long does a bioethanol fire last?

Ethanol burners differ in size, fuel capacities, and burn times. The average burn times are 4 hours per liter of fuel.