13” Round Burner

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29,000BTU – 8.5Kw/h (heats on average 98m2 or 1,054ft2) 304 Stainless Steel Construction Insulated Bottom Tray 5.0L Fuel Capacity H 4.6” (117mm) W 15.0” (381mm) D 15.0” (381mm
  • 29,000BTU - 8.5Kw/h (heats on average 98m2 or 1,054ft2)
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Insulated Bottom Tray
  • 3.0L Fuel Capacity
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • H 4.6” (117mm) W 13.0” (330mm) D 13.0” (330mm)
  • CE Approved & Certified  
  • Third-Party Tested
  • State-of-the-art safety technology that meets our high safety standards.
Lighting Rod
Lighting Rod

Key Features

The Bio Flame Ethanol Burners are designed with energy efficiency and design flexibility in mind. Our Ethanol Burner, like the rest of the Bio Flame Ethanol Fireplaces, is a ventless, clean-burning modern solution for any home, office, or commercial space and can be easily installed as a unique feature of your home with no need for additional connections or venting.

We can tailor practically any size of Ethanol Burner in a variety of finishes to meet your specific needs and desires. The Ethanol Burner is simple to install and operate for household heating. All Ethanol Burners are produced entirely of 304 grade stainless steel and come with a 5-year warranty, which is the best in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are ethanol burners energy efficient?

Yes, Bio Flame ethanol fireplaces are clean-burning and are engineered
to be energy efficient. Our ethanol burners are 20-30% more
fuel-efficient than other burner models.

Where can ethanol burners be installed?

Our burner collection is extremely easy to install. Since our burners
don’t require connections or venting, you can safely install your burner
anywhere you desire.

Do ethanol burners give off heat?

Yes, our ethanol burners will perfectly heat any room in your home or
commercial space. With a heat output of up to 15.8Kw/h, you can
efficiently heat your space for up to four hours.

Can you use an ethanol burner indoors?

Ethanol burners can be used both outdoors and indoors. You can
effectively heat any space as long as you have a flat surface, like a

How do you use an ethanol burner?

Using an ethanol burner is quick and easy! Simply pour your
environmentally-friendly ethanol fuel into your burner, use a stove
lighter and ignite the beautiful dancing flames. Your ethanol burner has
a burn time of four hours for pure enjoyment.

What fuel is safe to burn indoors?

The safest ethanol fuel for your burner is Bio Flame ethanol fuel. Our
fuel is created by fermenting corn, beets, potatoes, and sugar cane, to
create an environmentally-friendly fuel that emits no air pollution, and
is simple to use.

Customer Reviews

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Constance Simo
Helpful support

I am also an extremely satisfied and grateful customer. I didn't work with contractor, but rather chose a style and ordered it online, from my little apartment
In Brooklyn, and found no end of kind and patient and helpful support from their customer service folk to get me to the place where
I can have a small fireplace burning on these upcoming unusually dark and a long winter nights. Thank you The Bio Flame!

13” Round Burner