Innovative Ethanol Fireplace Conversion Kits

Elevate your space by converting your log burner into a modern bio ethanol fireplace with our innovative conversion kit.

Bio Flame’s Fireplace Conversions Are Perfect to Transform Your Existing Fireplace

Whether you’re looking to convert your electric, wood-burning, or gas
fireplace into a modern ethanol fireplace, a grate kit makes the switch
effortless. Our collection of grate kits are a type of ethanol fireplace
insert that features an ethanol burner enclosed in an insulated bottom tray. Grate kits can be easily attached to any flat surface, whether combustible or not.

Two white bottles of Bio Flame ethanol fuel. The label on both bottles reads, “Use only for indoor or outdoor for ethanol fireplaces. The BioFlame ethanol fuel. Danger. Flammable Keep out of reach of children. Fuel/Clean burning/ Non-Toxic, 1.06 Quarts - 1 Liter. Made in the USA”

Benefits of Bio Flame Ethanol Fuel

Environmentally Friendly

Bioethanol fuel is made from renewable, all-natural resources, eliminating the need to cut down valuable trees that take much longer to regenerate.

Better Breathing

With Bio Flame ethanol fuel, you can feel comfortable knowing that no harmful toxins or chemicals are being released into your space.

Cleaner Source

Cleaning a Bio Flame, whether free-standing or wall-mounted, is a breeze as the fuel creates a clean heat source, so you don't need to worry about cleaning ash or soot.

Super Simple

Bio ethanol fuel used in a Bio Flame fireplace is easy to use. Simply refill it and never worry about spills or trekking out in the cold weather for another log again

Choose Your New Fireplace Conversion

Our collection of eco-friendly grate kits provide a hassle-free way to convert your traditional fireplace.

See What Our Clients Say About the Grate Kit Collection

We added the 16” grate to our existing wood burning fireplace in our apartment.  Completely satisfied – don’t have to deal with wood/logs, instant satisfaction with no mess at all.

— Wendy Morrison

Terrific concept and surprisingly efficient. Great staff answered all of my questions and installation was very simple.

— Marty Fitz

Benefits & Features of Our Modern Fireplace Conversions

Bio Flame’s eco-friendly conversion kits are specifically designed to
convert an existing wood-burning fireplace into a stunning ethanol
fireplace. The following are exclusive advantages of our conversion

Easy to Use

Fireplace conversion kits are straightforward to use and install. You
can simply use our easy-fitting system to attach the burner to any level
surface. All you have to do is fill the burner with liquid ethanol fuel, ignite your fire, and enjoy!

Cleaner and Greener

If you’re concerned about the environmental impacts of burning fossil fuels for your fire or cutting down valuable trees, our bioethanol fuel is the perfect solution. Our ethanol fuel will produce a real fire and only releases carbon dioxide and water vapor, making it a safer and greener option.

Low Maintenance

One of the primary benefits of an ethanol fireplace is that it needs next to no maintenance. Whereas wood-burning fireplaces need cleaning and chimney sweeping, ethanol fireplaces are clean burning and don’t produce any odors, ash, or soot. All you need to do is dust your fireplace from time to time.


Converting your traditional fireplace to a modern ethanol fireplace is incredibly cost-effective. Starting at just $400, our grate kits eliminate the need for additional expenses such as adding connections, modifying the existing fireplace space, or professional installation costs.

Same Beautiful Ambiance

The unique part of owning a wood-burning fireplace is the distinctive sound of crackling logs that create a warm and inviting atmosphere. While alcohol gel fireplaces share some advantages with both wood-burning and ethanol fireplaces, they don’t match the mesmerizing beauty of the dancing orange flame from the ethanol fireplace.

Transform Your Space With a Fireplace Conversion

Join the thousands of customers worldwide who have switched from a traditional fireplace to a modern environmentally-friendly ethanol fireplace. Our grate kits make converting to an ethanol fireplace easy, quick, and inexpensive.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you convert a traditional fireplace to an ethanol fireplace with the grate kit?

To prepare for installing the grate kit, measure the inside of your fireplace to ensure you purchase the correct size for your space. Our grate kits come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, so we can accommodate almost any type of fireplace conversion. After taking measurements, clean out any leftover firewood ash or debris from the existing fireplace to level the surface. When installing the grate kit, you can opt to go about a fireplace conversion in one of two ways:

  1. Unpack the grate kit and simply place it inside the existing fireplace.
    That’s it! You’re ready to enjoy your new bioethanol fireplace in a
    matter of minutes.
  2. If you prefer, you can close the flue or chimney that provided venting to your old fireplace. Ethanol fireplaces are completely ventless, so you no longer need a flue or any other permanent connections for your new ethanol fireplace. After the flue is sealed, place the grate kit where you’d otherwise have your logs or a fireplace log set.

Once your bio ethanol fireplace grate kit is set up, you can simply turn it on, sit back and relax!

What is an ethanol fireplace grate kit?

A grate kit is a type of ethanol fireplace that can be used to convert an existing fireplace such as a wood-burning, gas, or electric fireplace into an ethanol fireplace. You can also use our grate kits to create a tabletop fire feature or other unique fire features.

How do I convert an existing fireplace to an ethanol fireplace?

Converting an existing fireplace to an ethanol fireplace is easy! Once you find the correct grate kit size for your fireplace, clean out any debris from the surface to ensure it’s level, place the grate kit inside the fireplace and enjoy!

Can I use a grate kit for a closed fireplace?

Our grate kits are designed for use in open fireplaces. You can simply use your ethanol fireplace with the door open if you have a closed fireplace or a wood-burning stove.

On what types of surfaces can I install an ethanol grate kit?

Our ethanol grate kits can be installed on any level surface. Since the
ethanol burner in the grate kit is enclosed in an insulated bottom tray,
it can be safely attached to any level surface, regardless of the

Do ethanol fireplaces give off much heat?

Yes! Our ethanol fireplaces can give off between 3.5Kw/h and 15.8Kw/h of heat in your commercial or living space.

What is the burn time of an ethanol fireplace?

The average burn time of our fireplaces is 4 hours per liter of fuel; however, this time varies depending on the specific size and model of your ethanol fireplace.