Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace Collection

Elevate your living or commercial space with a stunning tabletop ethanol burner, perfect for a living room feature, outdoor dining table centerpiece, or a modern addition to your office space.

Choose From Our Selection Of Tabletop Ethanol Burners for Your Perfect Tabletop Fireplace

Enhance the look and feel of your indoor or outdoor space with one of
our tabletop models. The following burners are all ideal solutions for
installing the perfect tabletop fireplace on your coffee table, kitchen
island, fire bowl, fire pit or outdoor dining table.

Add an ethanol tabletop fireplace to your living space using Bio Flame's quality and versatile ethanol burners. With a wide selection of sizes and BTU's, you can create the tabletop fireplace you've envisioned.

Bio Flame’s Ethanol Burners Are Ideal For Tabletops

Create a gorgeous ambience in your home or commercial space by
installing an ethanol burner on your tabletop. Unlike traditional
tabletop fireplaces that can pose safety risks, our manual ethanol
burners will not fall over, allowing you to enjoy the same great
ambience safely. With our luxury bio-ethanol burners, you can turn your
tabletops into statement pieces and enjoy beautiful dancing flames from a
real fire, perfectly and safely integrated into your space.

See What Our Clients Say About the Tabletop Collection

“Terrific product and flame. Much better than electric units that I was looking at and 1/3 the price of a gas fireplace!”

— David Olufsky

“Highly recommend to anyone looking for a fireplace. Great flame, easy to use and even easier to install!”

— Atkins Haynie

“I am always hesitant to order products sight unseen, but glad that I did. The fireplace is absolutely stunning and we can move it out onto our deck for parties.”

— James Stubblefield

The Impressive Features of Our Ethanol Tabletop Fireplaces

Our modern tabletop ethanol fireplaces come in a diverse range of sizes and design options, perfect for various-sized tables. From high-end safety features to a modern design style, these fireplaces have all the features you need.

CE Certified and Third-Party Highest Standard Testing

Unlike traditional tabletop fireplaces, our burners are CE certified, signifying compliance with international safety standards. They have undergone rigorous third-party highest standard testing to ensure they not only meet but exceed the highest industry standards for reliability and security. These tests include inspecting safety codes and health aspects to mitigate danger, risk, or injury.

Portable Tabletop Fireplaces

Our fireplaces can be used indoors and outdoors. Enjoy a calm evening at your outdoor table fire pit or cozy up around the fire with your family in your indoor living space.

Environmentally-Friendly Ethanol Fuel

Feel confident igniting your bio-ethanol fireplace with clean-burning bio-ethanol fuel.
This all-natural fuel is made from plants such as beets, corn, and
potatoes and is safe solution for your indoor or outdoor space.

Excellent Heat Source

Our large burners can produce up to 15.8Kw/h and heat 183m2/1,970ft2 on average while our smaller burners produce 4.5Kw/h and heat around 58m2/624ft2. No matter the size of your space, our burners are an excellent source of additional heat.

No Connections Required

Easily install your tabletop ethanol fireplace in your desired location
without worrying about permanent connections. These fireplaces are
smokeless and sootless and don’t need to connect to any gas line,
chimney, electricity or flue.

Low Maintenance

Due to bio-ethanol fireplaces producing zero smoke, soot, or ash, little
to no maintenance is required for your bio-ethanol fire table. All you
need to do is dust the table and burner and fill the burner with fuel

Enhance the Look and Feel of Your Space With a Bio-Ethanol Fire Table

Elevate your interior and exterior living spaces with a quality tabletop
ethanol fireplace. Our fireplaces were designed to create a space of
ultimate coziness and warmth, perfect for your living or workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a bio-ethanol tabletop fireplace work?

The bio-ethanol tabletop fireplace yields a clean-burning flame without
releasing smoke, soot, or ash for a relaxing vibe. As you look to set up
your tabletop fireplace, you will need your table to have an
insert/section where the burner will reside inside. When preparing the
insert, please make sure that the burner is placed on top of materials
that can heat up since the bottom of the burner will warm up. By simply
pouring ethanol into the burner container, you can see a real flame in
no time on your tabletop!

How long do ethanol fireplaces last?

The burn time of our ethanol fireplaces ultimately depends on the size
and model of fireplace you have. However, the average burn time for our
ethanol fireplaces is 4 hours per liter of fuel.

Can you use a tabletop ethanol burner indoors?

Yes! Our ethanol fireplaces are safe for both indoor and outdoor use.
All you need is a table, a Bio Flame burner, and bio-ethanol fuel.