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All burners are CE-certified, signifying compliance with international safety standards. They have undergone rigorous third-party highest-standard testing to ensure they not only meet but exceed the highest industry standards for reliability and security. Our products adhere to safety mandates, ensuring compliance in the USA and meeting the ACCC Safety Mandate for Australia.

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24” Burner
Kirsten Derlago

We bought the complete firebox with the 24” burner from The BioFlame back in 2017. The remote control never worked to control the flame size even though we paid a lot of extra money for this feature. I complained about this immediately and was given the run around, and was NEVER given a solution!! I was told I needed to buy a new motherboard to fix this issue even though my unit was brand new!! I’ve sent countless emails in to which they continued to ignore me. They are under new owners now, and I reached out again, hoping they could help me with my remote and to figure out how to make the firebox produce less heat as we could never use it as it would heat up the room in 5 min and we could never enjoy the ambiance of a low flame. They started out by saying they couldn’t help me as my warranty is over, even though I sent them proof of all my lengthy emails. They continue to ignore me and I’m completely disgusted with this company. They eagerly take your money but then no help when something doesn’t work. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves!

Joy Causey

Excellent fuel that burns for a long time.

Philip Beale
Order was not placed and still waiting for fuel.

I contacted The Bio Flame after not receiving my fuel order, even though I was charged. They said the order was not place, in error and they have resent it. I am still waiting for the order.

Rick Romash

I have not received it yet

Terry L Hansen
Patio heaters!

I live in the Pacific Northwest and I like to be outside so, I bought 2 small patio "fireplace" heaters. I am elderly with arthritis and this fuel is packaged in a size of bottle I can handle and control fill speed so I don't spill any.

fine as usual

Do you have the product in half gallons

Morrison Payne
Absolutely love

I have wanted a fireplace for years, but do not have the space to install a vented fireplace. The Lorenzo gives me a real flame and it provides plenty of warmth. I absolutely love it!

Alain Jenkins
I returned the item

the website is confusing. The photos show us a recessed fireplace but if we don't check the right thing we have the wall mounted version I returned the item with a $550 return shipping fee I'm sad. I ordered another one, checking the recessed version. you have to be careful about that.

Trevor Law


Not UL certified

These are advertised as UL certified, but the certification was discontinued in 2021. Our building inspector would not approve & so far company is not refunding and covering expenses.

Brennan Peckhart
Not bad not great.

Nice and easy to install. The fuel does have a smell to it. The quality of the material is not worth the cost.

Mary Mills

Haven’t received it yet

Natalia Villena
Cosy and beautiful

We have recently purchased the Lorenzo fireplace. We are so happy with this purchase. The fireplace arrived promptly it was easy to install and it's beautiful in our lounge area. I am totally in love. Nothing better than to sit in front of the fire with a good book or movie.
The only issues: the lighter didn't work and we had to wait to try it on as there was no ethanol included.

Levy Fireplacw

It looks great and was easy to install. We have not fueled it up yet.. Only issue we had is the fueling compartment hatch door will not latch, and since its spring loaded it is always "open". How can we address this without sending it back as homeowners are moving in on 7/3?

Rogue 2.0 SS
Richard Potvin
Great purchase !

This has been a great experience. My inquiries were answered quickly and the info sought was provided. The purchase was easy to complete and delivery was on schedule with no damage to the unit. The fireplace looks great and provides extra heat on those damp and cool days.

Electronic gas lighter

The gas lighter won’t work ,what can I do?

Rogue 2.0 SS
Denise P
Beautiful and great heat!

I've had my Rogue fireplace for 3 years now and it's the best thing I ever bought. My main level is just over 700 square feet and this heats the main level and the heat goes upstairs. Great anytime but especially when the power goes out. No smell or soot.

flame is beautiful but it does not reach the ends

I have not been able to see the flame extend to both ends on the fireplace tray...the flame remains mostly 10 inches from the center and my fireplace is a 38". How do I remedy that?

Joshua Pisapio
Lotte Bio Flame

Loving my fireplace so far. Installation was very easy. Nice bit of heat that comes off. Flame looks great in the space. No mess and no hassle.

Jeana Park
Had my fireplace a few years now and still loving it.

Fantastic buy. Easy, clean, warm. I can have the wonderful warm ambiance of a fire within minutes and no maintenance while the fire is going. I can turn it off when I want. Plant ethanol burns clean. I have had mine for 2 years now and I am loving it. Home insurance considers it another source of heat. No added premiums. Wonderful

38″ Firebox SS
Bobbie Martin
Overall it’s great

Just the fuel is hard to find unless you order from Amazon and that’s expensive. Arrived very quickly and was pleased with that. It’s very nice and gives more heat than I thought it would.

24” Burner
Timothy Metcalf
Good, not great

No instructions made for uneven start. Uneven flame burn. Slightly larger flame would be nice.

Gerry Verhoef
The easiest way to get a nice fireplace

I never thought I would have a fireplace in my home because I have no chimney nor a natural gas inlet. Thanks to Bioflame I now have two! Easy installation! Nice real fire ambiance that becomes really warm.

48” Burner
John Clout

All good guys, happy!
Quick delivery, Burner looks stylish.

60" Firebox DS
Harlow Morgan

Very happy with our firebox. I did plenty of research and selected Bio Flame due to their reviews and UL certification.
Do your research and you will be pleased.