Over the past several years, eco-friendly fireplaces have been becoming increasingly popular. Two places that have really taken to them are Australia and New Zealand. Many people in these two countries are either switching out their older fireplaces for a new, eco-friendly one, or they are getting fireplaces for the first time. If you are in Australia or New Zealand and you are considering a bioethanol fireplace, you have come to the right place! Bio Flame has become a leading provider of eco-friendly bioethanol fireplaces around the world, including in Australia and New Zealand. This is due in part because they have been featured on numerous TV shows in both countries. The fireplaces have become a fan favorite for several reasons, including:
  • They ship right from our Perth warehouse, and arrive within 3-5 days of the order being placed.
  • We have a great variety of eco-friendly bioethanol fireplaces to choose from, with a design for every taste and space. We will even work with you to provide custom designed fireplaces.
  • Our fireplaces are all environmentally friendly, using bioethanol to burn, and they do not require any type of venting. They do not create any pollution, or put pollutants into the air. They are also easy to clean and take care of, because they do not burn wood, which leaves ashes and soot behind.
  • They create a great ambiance in any room or outdoor patio area. In addition to looking great, they also provide an extra layer of warmth on a cold day.
  • Our eco-friendly fireplaces are easy to install and take care of. From installing to maintaining it and keeping the fuel filled, it’s something that takes minutes and is simple to do. The fuel can be conveniently purchased at any Bunning’s location.
  • They are ideal for a wide variety of locations. We offer many different sizes, so everyone can find one that works well with their home and needs.
Now is the time that many people throughout Australia and New Zealand are getting ready for the winter to arrive by choosing their eco-friendly fireplace. This gives people plenty of time to make the right selection, put it in place, and have it ready to light up when that first cold evening arrives. Eco-friendly fireplaces are a great way to warm up your home, create a beautiful atmosphere, and bring people together. With our eco-friendly bioethanol options, you can breathe better, get cozy, and leave the pollution behind.

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February 22, 2017