If you have been looking at Bio Flame’s line up of ethanol fireplaces there is no doubt you see the benefits of ethanol over traditional gas or wood burning fireplaces. You might have already read our blog explaining exactly what the benefits of ethanol fuel are. What we wanted to share in this blog is a greater understanding on the convenience of ethanol as a fuel. Unlike some other fuel sources that may be unique and environmentally friendly, ethanol can literally be found around the world, in various places under a variety of different names. To make things easier on our customers we thought we would highlight some of the other names that ethanol can be labelled as; this way you can be sure you aren’t missing out on an ethanol fuel supplier. Depending on where in the world you are; ethanol may be called any of the following:
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Denatured alcohol
  • Anhydrous ethanol
  • Denatured ethanol
  • Methylated spirits
Do you recognize any of these terms? They might be more common than you anticipated! Keep in mind the bio ethanol fuel offered by The Bio Flame and our distributors is of the highest quality and what we recommend be used with all of our products. The bio-fuels are continuing to grow as a fuel source for powering vehicles around the world and will only continue to become more popular as people realize the environmental benefits of this renewable resource. About The Bio Flame Since 2007 The Bio Flame has been creating unique, eco-friendly, ethanol fireplaces. Bio Flame designers and engineers have continued to set the highest standards of bio ethanol burning fireplaces in the industry with custom designs and record breaking innovations. The Bio Flame has gained great popularity amongst homebuilders, hotels/resorts and designers. Like what we’ve got to say? Come follow us on Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube | Instagram | Pinterest
July 02, 2012