When it comes to choosing an ethanol fireplace there are several options; free standing, wall mounted or a custom model built with ethanol burners. While the looks of all model s might appeal to you we recommend taking a close look at your lifestyle and then considering your options. To begin, wall mounted ethanol fireplaces are great for living areas and rooms that lack other wall decorations such as pictures, lights, or hanging televisions. If you do have walls full of pictures or even a large hanging television it may be a better option to have a free standing fireplace instead. The wall mounted models are also popular for families with children and pets as you can position the fireplace safely out of their reach. Secondly, there is the option unique to ethanol fireplaces. And that is having a free standing ethanol fireplace model. One of the most popular attributes to the free standing models is the ability to move the fireplace wherever and whenever you choose. If your lifestyle changes regularly this option will allow you to move the fireplace whenever you see fit and with minimal effort. Another benefit of this is you the freedom to change the feel of the room, by closing or opening a section with the placement of large free standing model. The third option is to create a custom ethanol fireplace with one of The Bio Flam’s ethanol burners. This will allow you to create a model that is designed specifically for you and your home. The options with this are virtually unlimited. For example, you can create a two way open fireplace to brighten up two rooms, or simply have a large (up to 48”) burner spanning across a large space. If you have a creative option for a fireplace we are more than happy to work with you to turn it into a reality. If you have any questions, please contact us!   Like what we’ve got to say? Come follow us on Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | YouTube | Instagram | Pinterest
October 06, 2012