People love do-it-yourself projects and for those who love fireplaces, we have a great one to take on! You can create your own bio-ethanol fireplace by using an ethanol burner. It’s simple, creates a gorgeous looking fireplace, and you can take pride in knowing that you did the work all on your own. All you will need to create your own eco-friendly fireplace is an ethanol burner and non-flammable materials. Building an eco-friendly fireplace is a great decision, because they offer so many benefits, which you can read about here. To get started, you will want to narrow down the type of burner that suits your project. You can take a look at the burner collection here. Next, once you have an idea in mind of what you want your bio-ethanol fireplace to look like, you will need to create the platform using the non-flammable materials. This is where you can really get creative and build something that suits both your artistic tastes and compliments the space it will occupy. Here are some DIY ethanol fireplace options to consider:

1. An ethanol fireplace shelf, using the BioFlame 13’ burner.


2. Another DIY ethanol fireplace shelf, which uses the BioFlame 24’ burner.



3. A DIY ethanol fireplace that is 3-sided, using a BioFlame 16” burner

 Ethanol Burner 16-ul-fireplace-indoor-outdoor


4. Another stylish DIY ethanol fireplace that uses a BioFlame 38” burner.

ethanol burner 38 ul-fireplace burner indoor outdoor  

5. A DIY ribbon fireplace offers a unique stylish longer look, using a BioFlame 38” burner.

Ethanol Burner-38 ul-Fireplace-indoor-outdoor


6. Create a ribbon ethanol fireplace under a television, using a BioFlame 48” burner.


7. Or give a living room a glowing ambiance using a BioFlame 48” burner.

Ethanol Burner 48 Fireplace Indoor-Outdoor


8. If you prefer a traditional style look you can create your own with an ethanol BioFlame 48” burner.

Ethanol Burner-48 Fireplace indoor-outdoor


9. Take your DIY project outdoors and create an eco friendly fireplace on your deck or patio. Choose the size of burner that works for your unique project.

Ethanol Burner-48 Fireplace indoor-outdoor


10. Get creative, making something like this DIY fireplace coffee table that can be used indoors or out, using a BioFlame 60” burner.

Ethanol Burner-60 Fireplace   The sky is the limit when you DIY to create a fun, fashionable, and beautiful ethanol fireplace. When making your plans, there are a few safety tips that you need to keep in mind. These requirements include:
  • Complying with clearance requirements for the particular burner you are using in your project. Every burner has a clearance requirement and for safety purposes it is crucial that it be followed. Most ethanol burners have the following clearance:
      • A&B: 4 inches
      • C: 4 inches
      • D: 20-24 inches, depending on the size of the burner Clearance Fireplace requirements
  • Your firebox, stand, or the surface you will use for your ethanol fireplace must be made from non-flammable materials. This means that you need to use materials such as stone, stainless steel, wonder board, concrete, marble, etc.
The great thing about DIY ethanol fireplaces is that you can use your creativity to really make it stand out and be unique. The design options are limitless, and you don’t have to worry about building a vent or chimney, which provides you more options as to where you can place your fireplace. It’s a cost effective route to having a beautifully designed and eco friendly fireplace in your home or on your patio. Already have a fireplace and want to convert it to an eco friendly one? You can DIY, too! Check out the five things you need to know about converting a wood-burning fireplace to ethanol here. Building your own ethanol fireplace is easier than you may think, and you will love the results. Get started on your project and let us know if we can be of any assistance!

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January 01, 2018